International English Language Testing System and is a globally recognized and standardized English proficiency test that assesses proficiency in the English language. Our IELTS courses provide services in the tested areas of listening, reading, writing, and speech. recognized by over 9,000 organizations around the world. Students can take the exam on paper or through the IELTS online test method. Preparation for the IELTS exam can be done in two types of modules: Academic and General Training. The academic form must be provided by applicants who intend to study abroad. While the general education module is generally a prerequisite for candidates who wish to pursue professional studies or plan to immigration.

Ranked according to a parameter known as Band Score, the total scale varies between 09. Our IELTS coaching ensures that students can perform to the best of their ability and meet the required admission criteria. The scores that students must achieve according to the level of studies, the field, and the university in question. IELTS test results are available within 14 days of the test.

The exam consists of 4 modules:






The IELTS exam also includes audiovisual exercises to assess the student’s listening skills. It is about listening to the conversation of native speakers, identifying their accent and tone of voice. Our experienced instructors walk them through every conversation and interaction in English. We also focus on observing body language which can help decipher this exercise.


The writing section depends on the type of test you take academic or general. Includes two to three writing activities to assess a student’s writing skills. We help students express their views and perspectives on political, social, and cultural issues in written English. We pay particular attention to structuring and providing additional information to ensure the performance of this section.


The reading portion of the IELTS exam includes reading comprehension and written text comprehension. Reading the number of paragraphs of information in English helps you find answers quickly. With continued reading habits and practice, you can improve the speed of finding facts and opinions and gradually become stronger in this section.


The oral section is one of the most difficult sections of the IELTS exam. Requires good pronunciation and fluency in English. We help students practice more on the listening module so that students can familiarize themselves with pronunciation and work on their speaking skills. For best practices, we also provide them with audio to listen to and improve their speaking skills.

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