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Universal study advisors believe and work on the approach that is student career and study oriented.

Our team

U.S.A consultant, we have qualified and experienced advisors who give professional advice and guidance to the students about study abroad trends and information.

Our Vision

Universal study advisor has a vision of becoming the leading consultancy firm in the field of study abroad and provides true and fact-based information to the students.

Our Mission

Universal study Advisors integral mission is to guide the students and make them realize their goal can be polished and fulfill by the quality of education.

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If you are planning to study in foreign universities, the universal study advisor is the right choice for you. The U.S.A will assure the application at universities in a better way.
  • Top Notch Universities
  • Relaible Study Abroad Services
  • Career Counselling
  • Authentic Information
  • legal and ethical Practices

U.S.A offers International destination
for study abroad

You can choose a study abroad destination according to your desire and interest through our professional study advisors.

United Kingdom

A major destination in the UK, international students choose for the study in London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburg, Cardiff.


A major destination in the USA, international students choose for the study in Newyork, Chicago, Los Angeles, California.


A major destination in Canada, international students choose for the study in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa.


A major destination in Australia, international students choose for the study in Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Brisbane.

Top Ranked Universities at the U.S.A panel

Universal study advisors officially collaborate with globally recognized and top-ranked educational institutions that assure quality education and provide professional skills for their students

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    Great client stories
    It is my luck and gratitude to be the part of Huddersfield University where I can flourish. Universal study advisors consultants always help and guide the students according to best of their knowledge .Wish you a best of Luck to U.S.A
    Ghazanffer Ali
    Study In UK
    Universal study advisors has been a huge contributor to the development of my study and career. The guidance and help in arranging right documents, fee, visa and travel and enrollment in university, all things available at one platform That is universal study advisors.
    Zeeshan Ahmed
    Study abroad is a full of grooming and learning yourself, this was always in my mind, so I choose universal study advisors for getting admission in one of the top ranked universities and BPP in UK is my choice.Great Future and best of Luck.
    Amina Arshad
    Study In UK
    Student Counselling
    U.S.A assist the students according to their interests.
    Career Counselling
    we provide the assistance towards successful career development
    Free Assesment
    We do a free assesment for study abroad.

    U.S.A provides the best professional Services on study

    Universal study advisors provides the services for students the best possible education routes and make sure to get admission in top-notch international universities. Our skilled, professional, and trained study abroad advisors work together with students on their courses and career. U.S.A gives the services according to students’ requirements.

    Course and University Selection

    Universal study advisors will guide the students in the selection of suitable courses based on well research and availability of courses in top-notch universities. U.S.A will assist the students to apply to multiple universities for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.


    Universal study Advisors will help the students in grabbing and winning the scholarships that will not only lessen the financial burden from the students but also get the opportunity to fulfill their dream of studying abroad. Scholarships are available for all degrees in universities.

    IELTS and interview preparation

    All universities around the globe have basic requirements for English understanding. Universal study abroad helps the student in the preparation for the English proficiency test (IELTS) and the second-most tricky step, the Embassy interview. All assistance is available in U.S.A.

    Visa and Application handling

    Now all forms are online for submission of visas for study abroad. All data submission and handling are tricky while one student will apply in multiple universities. Universal study Advisors provide the best and professional services at online and paper-based applications.

    Students Get Information

    Universal study advisors guide and assist about courses and discipline to the students according to best suited for their future career and based on their previous study and area of interest.

    IELTS is the basic requirement of getting admission. U.S.A helps their students in getting good bands. Our professional instructors also train the students for Embassy interviews.

    This tricky service is provided by our trained advisors and visa consolers for students that all steps of application and visa are followed on time and in professional manners.


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